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01/12/2012  •  Posted By Becca  •  Comments Off on Britt Teases Cassie’s Quest, Rekindled Romance and Jake’s Big Return

On Thursday’s “Fire/Ice,” Cassie again recruits trusty friend Adam (Thomas Dekker) to help look into her father’s past (and prompts him to ask her out to the school dance, aww), but what they don’t know is that fellow witch Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) is desperate to harness her power without the rest of the circle. So much so that she enlisted the help of voodoo “expert” Lee (Grey Damon).

The Hollywood Reporter: The last episode introduced hints of Cassie’s power and dark magic. How far does she take it?

Britt Robertson: You definitely get a taste of it here and there. You got a look into what’s going on with Cassie in the last episode and in “Fire/Ice” this week, you’ll see she’s learning how to control that power that she has inside her and what she wants to do with it, if she wants to embrace it. You’ll get to see her battle with it and how it slowly but surely is going to take her over — or not. The writers are playing with the idea that the dark magic is in her, it’s whether or not she chooses to use that power.


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