Super Bowl Prop Bets Lists

superbowl prop bets list

Super Bowl Prop Bets Lists

We have been asked to create a Super Bowl prop bets list, and so it is. Our intent is to help the casual bettor with Super Bowl prop bets. Here are some of the things we will look at:

I don’t know how people truly think this stuff without looking at the numbers, pure statistics. It’s often looked at and come up with its own conclusion. Now, that’s a hot topic. That’s why I am introducing you to the numbers game.

What I am most interested in is when we talk about who wins the Super Bowl, as they are usually separated by just one week. Just imagine what happens if we go two weeks without even playing the third week.

We will talk about the team that has the best overall record, which often times results in the team with the higher win/loss record winning. But who knows? Or worse, could be the team with the worst overall record win. Of course, no one will ever care about that!

Now, when we are talking about key pieces for any team, we are talking about the starting lineup. The one piece that are absolutely essential for any NFL team and can be considered the centerpiece for any NFL team is the quarterback.

When the quarterback is good, then you have a good team, if he/she is average, then you will have a great team. But the odds may say otherwise.

The main reason why a good quarterback can win more games than a bad quarterback is the fact that they are better in the big moments. It may be that the average quarterback will not have his number called on the final play of the game, or the last play of the game may be the only one they get all season. In that case, they play like it!

So there is really not a better example for the reason that the winning team, the ones that are good, will win more often than not. We have talked about how sometimes the records will come up against the odds, but then the good teams are not, as in my football betting book. But the other side of the coin is that even the good teams cannot get the luck they need all the time.