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I have added a bunch of Under The Dome related things to the site this evening, including pics from a press junket and screening that I got from CBS’s facebook page and HD logoless captures from the pilot episode where we’re introduced to Britt’s character Angie in a very interesting way!

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In a recent interview that Huffington Post with Alexander Koch and Britt Robertson, she talked about her character on the show. Here’s a snippet and go to the source to read the entire interview with both cast members, but be warned it does contain spoilers for the book!

What can you reveal about Angie and her storyline at the beginning of the season?
Angie is a young waitress at the Sweetbriar Rose, which is the local hangout diner, and she works as a candy striper. She’s a small town girl who’s always dreamed that she would make it out at some point, but hasn’t yet; has never had the opportunity. She ends up dating a guy that she’s known for a very long time and it’s supposed to be a little more casual than he makes it out to be. And because of that relationship, she gets thrown into quite a claustrophobic situation and it’s a smaller, enclosed version of the dome. And she’s kind of experiencing these horrible circumstances inside a fallout shelter while everyone is dealing with an even larger issue.

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TV Fanatic did a interview with Alexander Koch who plays Britt Robertson Angie’s boyfriend, Junior on Under The Dome and got asked about working with Britt.

TVF: The scenes with you and Britt Robertson get pretty intense. How was it working in those scenes with her?
AK: I could not ask for a better partner to work with. She’s been so, so amazing. I mean, she’s been so supportive and sweet. And we have a very similar way of working together where we don’t rehearse. We talk for hours and hours and hours about past history, and the characters, and their relationships, and how they came together. And then on the day we’ll come and we’ll do the work and we’ll fine tune things and we’re just very perceptive of each other. So she’s been a great person to look up to throughout this whole project. We can just go and have fun, and try new things, and try to be bold.


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I’ve added HD captures of Britt from her quirky role in The Family Tree to the gallery. Under the Dome captures will be coming soon so stay tuned!

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