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He’s back! Wheeee!

Seems like Jake (Chris Zylka) couldn’t stay away from Cassie (Britt Robertson) and the rest of the coven on The Secret Circle for long—he returned after one episode. And while a lot of fans are rooting for Jake and Cassie to get together, that whole trying to kill her and secretly being a witch hunter thing is a pretty big hurdle to overcome. And then there’s Adam (Thomas Dekker) waiting in the wings.

So how will Cassie react to Jake’s reappearance in Chance Harbor? And what will cause Cassie to “lose her mind”? Here’s what Robertson tell us…

“Obviously, Jake and Cassie didn’t leave it in the best of terms, but at this point, when he does come back, she’s going to be a little hesitant as to trust him,” Robertson says of Cassie’s reaction to Jake’s return. “He lied to her the entire time, he was part of the witch hunters and then he left with them. Why would she give her trust to him? I think that’s a really big part of why their little fling won’t go any further at this point. But you know, maybe he’ll be able to make it up to her as most men do.”

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Cassie’s ready for love: “She’s definitely flirting with the idea of having a guy in her life,” Robertson says. “She needs someone to talk to and she needs someone to lean on because she has no one at this point, especially now that her grandmother is gone. So I think that’s a prime opportunity for some guy to come in there and swoop her up.” So will that guy be Jake or Adam? Robertson won’t say.

Cassie won’t reach the dark side just yet:
We know Cassie has bad blood, but “it’s not something that’s going to overpower her at this point … the idea is that she has something inside of her that’s so powerful and that can do all of these things. That will motivate some sort of battle between the good and evil side of her and which she uses to go through life.”

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Remember that time everyone kept saying Adam (Thomas Dekker) and Cassie (Britt Robertson) were “written in the stars” on The Secret Circle? Well, Adam does!

Now that his breakup with Diana (Shelley Hennig) seems to be sticking, Adam is finally deciding to make his move on Cassie…while looking for clues about her dark magic…in a creepy basement. Now that’s what we call romance! Yes, Adam and Cassie’s much-talked about chemistry is heating up and what better way to bring it to a boil than at the Fire and Ice party in tomorrow night’s episode?

So how does Cassie react to Adam’s proposal? And how do they both feel about their supposed destiny? We’ve got an exclusive clip that answers those questions and more!


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1.10 – Darkness

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