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1.10 – Darkness

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Behind on The Secret Circle? Here’s what you missed:

Cassie returned to Chance Harbor and discovered she’s a witch in a coven. The teenage coven bound themselves together and accidentally released a demon. Said demon inhabited Nick, who was then murdered. His brother Jake took his place in the circle, but he was secretly working with witch hunters to take down the circle. The hunters kidnapped Cassie, who discovered she’s full of dark magic. Cassie and the circle escaped their terrible fate, though unbeknownst to them, someone in the coven is related to Cassie and has dark magic as well!

Now let’s find out what’s next from executive producer Andrew Miller:

The Secret Circle Scoop: There are two of them?! What’s next?

Cassie Blake (Britt Robertson)
Where We Were: After her mother was killed in a mysterious house fire, Cassie returned to her family’s hometown where she discovered that she was not only a witch, but came from the evil Balcoin lineage, which is filled with dark magic.
What’s Next? “Immediately, we’re going to see Cassie have to confront this whole dark magic thing,” Miller says. “We’re going to really see Cassie’s transformation into a new sense of awareness in power and strength, both the bad side of that and the insanely tempting side of that. The first half of the season, she was trying to understand herself through her mother. This half of the season, she’s trying to understand herself in terms of her father. Her father’s lineage plays such an important part in defining who she is.”


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The Secret Circle: Season 1: 1.11 – Fire/Ice
The Secret Circle: Season 1: Promos: Solo

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