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Britt Enrolls in Avalon High

Just an article from Variety that confirms what we found out last month 🙂

“Life Unexpected” star Britt Robertson has landed the lead in the Disney Channel telepic “Avalon High.”Robertson will play a teenager who moves to a new high school and discovers that her classmates are the reincarnations of King Arthur and his court.

Project is based on the book of the same name by Meg Cabot, author of the “The Princess Diaries” tomes. Script was penned by Julie Sherman Wolfe, and pic will be helmed by Stuart Gillard.

“Wizards of Waverly Place” trouper Gregg Sulkin co-stars with Robertson along with Joey Pollari, Devon Graye and Molly Quinn.

“Avalon High,” now lensing in New Zealand, is slated for a fall premiere.


Britt Talks Cherry

If you’re a fan of the CW show, Life Unexpected, then you already know Brittany Robertson.I interviewed her at SXSW for her new film, Cherry. The film is about a college student named Aaron. He gets involved with an older woman who has gone back to school to straighten her life out. Things start to get complicated when he meets the woman’s daughter, Beth, who begins to  develop feelings for him.

Brittany plays Beth and she is perfect in the role. She’s a terrific actress who is definitely doing things right. Check out the interview where she talks about how she got her start, her love of acting and how she goes to her acting coach 4 times a week. Yes, 4 times! How many actors do you know who can honestly say that?

As always, listening to the interview is always better!

Daily Actor: Tell me about your character in Cherry.

Brittany Robertson: My character Beth; she’s a 14-year-old, inappropriate young woman who’s very misunderstood as the movie so pleasantly says. She comes across Aaron Milton (Kyle Gallner) and finds an affinity for him, and becomes attached to him. I think that’s where you get to see her softer side. She has this wall up because of her experiences with her mother and people coming in and out of their lives. I think he brings her into a softer side and you get to see the real 14-year-old whose just chillin’ up in there. She’s a sweet, vulnerable 14-year-old who’s just had a bit of a rough life.

You’ve been in so many great projects already. Where are you from and how did you get started?

I’m from South Carolina originally, a Southern chic. I got started when I did a convention in Hilton Head, South Carolina with an agent who’s in South Carolina. She brought agents from New York and LA down to see us and observe our acting. I did a monologue and a commercial, and the agents from LA were like, ‘You should come out and we’ll represent you.’ I was like “Okay, cool. Sweet.” So, then I moved out there when I was fourteen for pilot season. And I actually meet this kid (Kyle) here during that time.

Did you stay at that Oakwood apartments?

Yup, that’s where I met him. So I did that and I moved out there permanently when I was 16.

What was your first big thing when you got out there?

For an actor, booking a pilot for a TV show is so hard, but it’s a big. It’s a big deal. I did two back to back; neither of them got picked up. But it was still a big deal for me nonetheless. And then I did a film called Dan In Real Life for Disney, and I think that was probably my biggest thing that I did, the biggest opportunity for me. Working with the great actors in that movie was such a standout.


Mother & Child Premiere

I have updated the gallery with some amazing photos of Britt at last night’s premiere of Mother and Child. My thanks go to Shiri Appleby Online for sending us some photos and videos from last night!

Preview Preview Preview Preview

Appearances: 2010: [April 19th] Mother and Child Premiere (Los Angels)
Interviews: 2010: April 19 – Mother and Child Premiere (Los Angels)