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TV Guide posted nine “scooplets” for Britt’s show Life Unexpected. There are some medium to heavy spoilers for the upcoming episodes so I’m posting them after the cut.

Now that Lux (Britt Robertson) and Life Unexpected have found a home on the CW, it’s time to dig into what’s next for the family that puts the “fun” in dysfunctional. caught up with the cast, who revealed what’s ahead, including a possible wedding, some radio station antics and a huge blowup that will find a character on her own for a while.

1. Will everything be perfect for this new family? “Crumble would be the theme of the season, or chaos or stupid madness,” said Kerr Smith. “It just gets really crazy. Cate’s world breaks down, due to her own making. By Episode 4 [Monday at 9/8c] it starts to get a little nuts.” And by Episode 7, Ryan finds out about Cate and Baze sleeping together in the pilot. “When that happens, Lux leaves, boom, Ryan leaves, boom,” added Kristoffer Polaha.

2. What happens when the Baze-Cate secret comes out? “Lux is so angry at Cate that she just outs them,” said Shiri Appleby. “It comes out and Cate goes through a process where Ryan and Lux get mad at her, and she becomes really humbled because she’s left all alone due to the choices she’s made in her past. … Everything starts falling apart, she’s constantly eating junk food, drinking wine and the house is a disaster.”

3. Are Cate and Baze soul mates? “Cate and Baze have one of those love-hate relationships where you really do like that person, want their approval and want it to be good, but at the same time, it’s just so easy to hate them,” said Polaha. “Baze’s thing with Cate is ‘I just want to pinch your cheeks and kiss you.'”

4. Who else starts playing daddy? “Ryan asks this woman to marry him and she has a lot of luggage,” said Smith. “Not only in her own head, but she has a child all of a sudden, so Ryan has to be the kind of guy to deal with that thing. Lux is a great girl and she’s somebody that is looking for a family and Ryan is the kind of guy that’s willing to give that to her.”

5. Will Lux finally accept that she has a family? “You’ll see throughout the episodes that Lux does loosen up on Cate a little bit and realizes that she is trying, does love Lux and wants to be a mother figure,” said Robertson. “It takes a little bit of fixing to figure it out.” Just like any family, though, they will continue to have drama. “There’s a point in time where Lux realizes a lot of her feelings towards Cate and Baze and basically unloads on them.”

6. Will Lux be able to hang onto her own love? “She ends up being in a different place than Bug is at a certain point,” said Robertson. “At the same time, he’s been there for her for a couple years now. They’ve been together and they love each other. A relationship like that just doesn’t dissolve whether you’re connected or not. They have a lot of issues they have to work out in coming episodes.”

7. How will Baze continue to cause drama? “We get Baze in the radio station at one point as a guest host and, of course, you can imagine how that goes and how Ryan feels about it,” said Smith. “It’s a nightmare,” added Appleby. “He tells people that Cate used to wear headgear, she was flat-chested and dating her thesaurus. Ryan is not thrilled with it at all.”

8. Will we learn more about Lux’s life before she found her family? “Lux and I are stuck in the radio station by ourselves,” said Smith. “It’s a downpour type of situation. It’s that kind of episode where we’re at the mikes and Ryan is trying to get her to loosen up a bit. We end up really getting into her life story. It’s the first time we really do the flashbacks and hear what she actually went through.”

9. Will there be wedding bells in the season finale? “We’re building towards a wedding,” said Appleby, but don’t expect the nuptials to actually take place. “Put it this way, a wedding will be planned,” said executive producer Liz Tigelaar. Smith added, “That [engagement] ring changes hands a lot of times this year.”

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