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Britt Robertson: Should Lux be with Jones or Mr. Daniels?


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TV Appearances: 2010: October 5 –

When a girl’s got a crush on her teacher (who she accidentally made out with), the last thing she wants is her dad putting in extra hours at school. “Life Unexpected’s” Lux (Britt Robertson) is trying to balance school, play, and keeping her parents happy.

Zap2it checked in with Robertson to see how Lux fares now that her father, Baze (Kristoffer Polaha) and his friend Math (Austin Basis) are her basketball coaches. “He’s super competitive, which is a little too aggressive,” she says. “She’s not too hot on the basketball front and she’s just trying to make her parents proud.”

Meanwhile, she’s got that hot teacher, Eric Daniels (Shaun Sipos) on the mind, and the slightly more age-appropriate Jones (Austin Butler) has his eye on her. So who does Robertson think is Lux’s ideal man? Though Jones is probably Mr. Right, Eric may be the perfect Mr. Right Now.

“Because of Lux and who she is and how complicated her whole psychology is, it’s right for her right now, and Mr. Daniels happens to be someone who helps her along that journey and drives her in the right direction, so he’s right for her at the moment,” Robertson says.

Things will only get more complicated now that Mr. Daniels is her tutor. “I don’t know how long that storyline’s going to last with the tutor action, but it may be a great way for her to focus.”

The Oct. 5 episode marks the return of Lux’s old foster care friend, Tasha. “We have a bit of a cameo coming back from the first season,” Robertson says. “There is a stranger from the past reappearing, so we’ll get to see Lux in her old relationships along with her new.”

Speaking of new relationships, get ready for some great laughs as Math takes Lux’s crazy step-aunt, Paige (Arielle Kebbel) out on a sort-of-date.

Though Paige may not be Lux’s favorite person at the moment – she did frame her for stealing from Cate – Robertson says their relationship will improve. Eventually.

“They sort of go through some twists and turns in some upcoming episodes that you’ll see, but I think all in all Lux finds Paige to be really interesting and fascinating. It’s someone who’s a little bit older, so she can sort of relate to her, and eventually Lux will get to the point where she kind of looks up to Paige in that fun kind of lighthearted way.”

When Paige starts hanging out with Mr. Daniels, we’re guessing those “twists and turns” will get extra-loopy.

For more from Britt, don’t miss the video interview below. And set your DVRs for tonight’s episode of “Life Unexpected” at 9 p.m. EST on The CW. Creator Liz Tigelaar tweeted that it’s her favorite episode, so the bar has been set.

Written by Becca