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Season Two Kickoff!

Season Two is officially underway! Liz held a little Cast & Writers get together this weekend. Liz also posted this morning that the writers offically start work today! So we’re a little close to the second season of LUX!
Season 2: On the Set/Behind the Scenes: Cast & Writers Get Together
Find even more photos (without Britt) here

New Layout!

As you can see we have a great new layout here at Britt Online! Thanks to my dear friend Brianne I have updated some of the content throughout the site and will be working on the rest of it soon! Let me know if you see any glitches or problems. 🙂 I will be back with a gallery update soon!


First off we have new layout up in the gallery Just something simple but I wanted a change 🙂 And I have finished adding the rest of the caps from Swingtown

Preview Preview Preview Preview

Swingtown: Screencaps – 1.08 – Puzzlerama
Swingtown: Screencaps – 1.09 – Swingus Interruptus
Swingtown: Screencaps – 1.11 – Get Down Tonight
Swingtown: Screencaps – 1.12 – Surprise!
Swingtown: Screencaps – 1.13 – Take it to the Limit

The LUX Guys talk Lux…

Brittany missed the upfronts last week because she is busy filming her Disney Movie Alavon High. But Kris, Kerr and Austin share what they think is to come for Lux in season 2.

As for Lux, Smith looks forward to further developing the relationship between her and Ryan. “I really wanted to try and establish kind of a father figure relationship with Lux and Ryan,” he says. “The scenes that we’ve really had together have been great. Brittany and I love doing them. They’re always very heartfelt, giving each other advice. Sometimes she gives me life advice, which I think is awesome.”

“I think she’ll flourish,” Polaha says. “I think she’s going to have a feeling of ‘Did my parents adopt a lemon?’ and she’s going to really want to show that she’s smart and good and all that stuff, which will sort of lead to chaos and comedy and great times.”

Basis, who plays Lux’s friend and teacher Math, says, “There’s something to her really experiencing her childhood for the first time, and kind of re-entering it and being awkward and letting that happen, and living out moment that she’s never experienced because she’s been so guarded.”