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The Secret Circle: The Stars Discuss The Show’s Descent Into Darkness

Let it be known that The Secret Circle is not the kind of witch show where people conjure up kittens and new hair styles. Last week’s episode took the show to a far darker place with talk of demons and a possessed woman terrorizing the Circle members. This descent into darkness will be a running theme going forward.

During a recent visit to the Vancouver set of The Secret Circle, we had the opportunity to speak with four of the main cast – Thomas Dekker (Adam), Britt Robertson (Cassie), Shelley Hennig (Diana) and Phoebe Tonkin (Faye) – who all hinted that last week’s episode was a turning point for the good versus evil debate. Dekker warned that “the [episodes] that follow…it’s a very dark show”.

Readers of the book series will know about Cassie’s lineage, at least in terms of her father. I don’t want to spoil the fans who haven’t read the books, but let’s just say that there’s some darkness in Cassie’s history. Robertson isn’t sure yet when that specific aspect will be addressed on the show, but “they’ve [already] started incorporating a lot of the darker world into the episodes”.

Dekker hinted that episode 9 may be where they really start delving into Cassie’s history. While there have been hints about it so far, episode 9 is where “that train really gets off into motion.”

As for Cassie and the Circle members specifically going dark-side, Robertson said “at this point they’re playing with the idea that these six kids aren’t just all good. There are other sides of magic, which is why, ultimately, Cassie’s mom left [Chance Harbor]. She fled town because of darker reasons that weren’t necessarily a health environment for her to be bringing [Cassie] up in. You’ll get to see more of that world…the darker world.”

Tonkin also weighed in on the discussion of whether specific Circle members might dabble in the dark arts: “Everyone’s got different intentions and everyone wants to use this magic for different things. Everyone is going to start swapping sides and people who want to use it for good can see they can start using it for evil and to better themselves. There’s going to be a lot of switching intentions in the Circle”. Hennig added that “it’s going be good versus evil. Some of us want to do magic for good and some of us want to do magic for ‘evil’. Nothing is black and white, especially with this show, which makes it so fun and ‘on the edge of your seat’ every week.”

While there’s a possibility of darkness coming, none of the characters are prepared to back down. Robertson explained that last week’s episode was a turning point for Cassie in particular. She’s taking charge more and her power is constantly growing and evolving. Within the Circle itself, she’s becoming more and more powerful.

Powerful enough to wreak some havoc? Only time will tell. In the meantime, take a look below at the trailer for tonight’s episode. Dark enough for you? *Spoiler* We can also confirm that someone you know dies in tonight’s episode (as the promo hints below). I think in-the-know fans might be sure of who it is, but for the rest of you it might come as a surprise


Secret Circle Spoiler! Britt Robertson Spills Halloween Witching Hour

We can’t wait to be scared silly during The Secret Circle’s Halloween episode, but Britt Robertson says to expect a few laughs alongside plenty of frights!

“When you have witches and Halloween, it can be fun to make fun of certain things,” Britt tells TV Line. “What I love about what Kevin [Williamson] and Andrew [Miller] did is they weren’t trying to ignore the fact that we’re witches on Halloween. … We play with a lot of different, funny things.”

Hopefully, this means someone will wander around Chance Harbor with a Team Slytherin shirt – but as we know, All Hallows’ Eve isn’t just tricks, treats and dressing up in ironic costumes.

“One of our directors, Liz [Friedlander], who is a big part of our show, was saying, ‘The great thing about Halloween is that scary things can happen in the middle of the night and there’s people roaming the streets. You can scream [but] nobody really takes notice to it.’ So that’s kind of the fun element that we get to play with a lot.”

Uh oh, does a demon inchworm try to steal the Circle’s candy?