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Five Questions with Life Unexpected’s Britt Robertson

Life Unexpected totally came out of nowhere this spring and stole our hearts. We love the sweet show about 16-year-old Lux who is finally reunited with the birth parents that gave her up for adoption. Sadly, the season finale airs tonight, April 12th at 8 p.m. ET on the CW but we were psyched to catch up with the show’s star Britt Roberston just in time!

CosmoGirl: What is your family like — can you relate at all to what Lux is going through?

Britt Roberston: My family is large and in charge! That’s my favorite way to describe them. I have a super great relationship with my family so a lot of what Lux deals with on the show is pretty foreign to me.

CG: Are you anything like Lux?

BR: Lux and I are both pretty stubborn and independent. Like Lux, I hate relying on people sometimes. I love to do things myself which has made me a bit of a loner on occasion but hey, it works for us — most of the time. Besides that, I don’t think Lux and I share many similarities at all!

CG: Any behind the scenes pranks or mishaps on the set of Life Unexpected to share?

BR: Shiri Appleby, the hair and makeup peeps, and myself would always have sing-alongs in the trailer so in the final episode Liz [Tigelaar — the show’s creator] had us do an alternate take of a pretty important scene and had every cast member, extra, and crew member get up and dance to our favorite sing-a-long song — I Got a Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas. I recently saw a cut of it, and it’s incredible! DVD EXTRAS!

CG: Which Life Unexpected cast member are you closet to?

BR: It’s a battle of the parents. I lived with Shiri while we were filming so I got to know her really well and we bonded a lot, but Kris [Polaha] is like my big brother/dad role model. It’s a toss-up.

CG: What makes you most sentimental about the filming of Life Unexpected‘s first season?

BR: The song Can’t Look Back Now by the Weepies reminds me of the entire Life Unexpected experience. When we were first shooting the pilot, I told Liz that she should incorporate that song somewhere because it was so perfect and she said, “I already have!” It’s so symbolic of Lux’s journey and my journey through this whole thing. I love it!

LUX Stills

Starting to play catch up by posting HQ stills that were missing from the gallery, including ones for Monday Nights Season Finale.

Peview Preview Preview Preview

Episode Stills: 1.09 – ‘Formal Reformed’
Episode Stills: 1.10 – ‘Family Therapized’
Episode Stills: 1.12 – ‘Father Unfigured’
Episode Stills: 1.13 – ‘Love Unexpected’

HQ “Bride Unbridled” episode stills

Episode stills from the upcoming eighth episode of Life Unexpected have been released and I’ve added the five featuring Brittany to our gallery. Once again, these HQ versions are exclusive to Brittany Online so be sure to credit us if you post them elsewhere.

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Exclusive HQ ‘Life Unexpected’ stills & promos

I’ve added lots of new and exclusive Life Unexpected goodies to the site today. I don’t fansite tag any photos I post and I really don’t mind if people want to use photos from my site. But if you do choose to post these elsewhere, a credit back to us would be much appreciated. Anyway, MQ stills from two episodes have been replaced with HQ versions. Also added are two HQ stills from episode 1.07, a new cast promo, and several new HQ advertisements.

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“Turtle Undefeated” HD screencaptures

We had a new episode of Life Unexpected last night and I’ve added just over 600 high definition screencaptures to the gallery. I have to say that I am loving this show more and more with each episode. Be sure to tune in for the repeat airing on Wednesday night to show CW that there is interest in it. We want a second season!

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