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The First Time: Q&A with Director Jon Kasdan

Filmmaker: Britt and Dylan both give really surprising performances here. How did you come across these two relative unknowns?

Kasdan: My least favorite part of the process is casting because you meet hundreds of incredibly talented and versatile actors and actresses that all bring something unique and special to their roles – and then you have to pick two of them. The casting process on this movie was lengthy and intense – partly because the teenagers reading for these roles seemed to respond very personally to the script. They were very invested – which was great in a way, but also really tough ’cause almost mpme of them got to do it.

I had brilliant casting directors in Amy Britt and Michael Nicolo, as well as the experience and wisdom of my producers Martin Shafer and Liz Glotzer. It was a collaboration between the five of us. Ultimately, we came down to about ten phenomenal kids (five boys/five girls) and had them read the scenes together, mixing and matching, trying different combinations. All of them would have been interesting (and totally unique) versions of this movie but Britt and Dylan, both incredibly exciting in their own rights, had a special chemistry together.

Britt is extremely experienced for someone her age (or any age). She’s done tons of movies and several television series. Her skill and experience put me at ease, particularly with a role as challenging as this one. She’s really the emotional soul of the movie for me. Dylan had relatively little experience at the time, but he possesses a totally innate, natural charisma and comic instinct that, combined with his physicality, creates a pretty dynamic package. They couldn’t be two more different kinds of actors, with more wildly different approaches, but they worked – I think, I hope – incredibly well together.

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I have also added two new stills from the movie to the gallery.

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[2012] The First Time: Production Stills

TSC: Britt: I Am Team Adam

Watching Cassie Blake decide if she’s a good witch or a bad witch has transformed The Secret Circle into a hypnotic hour over the last few weeks and tonight’s episode promises to ratchet that tension up three notches as Circle travels back in time to reveal exactly what happened during the fire that forever changed their parents’ generation.

To find out what awaits in Witness, I caught up with star Britt Robertson and learned that while tonight’s episode won’t make Cassie/Adam fans very happy, it will answer almost all of the season-long questions — except, Who Is Cassie’s Sibling? That reveal is even being kept from the cast! First, watching Cassie blow the top off that coffin was one of my favorite moments so far on the show.
Britt Robertson: Wasn’t it awesome? As an actor, it’s hard to find this kind of role on television that gives you this kind of material to do and this show is giving me two things to play at all times – it’s a challenge but it’s also what every actor dreams of. I’m super happy we’re going for it!

Insider: Last week’s episode ended with Cassie in the middle of a literal Jake/Adam triangle – where does tonight’s episode take those relationships?
Britt: It’s a really cool episode for that reason. With Fire & Ice, you really got to see Cassie and Adam fall for each other all over again. Now that they’ve moved on from the Cassie/Adam/Diana triangle, she’s getting to explore her feelings for Adam. But in this episode, you’ll see her with Jake more and all the feelings that come up about her dark side, which is what he really represents. It’ll be a great episode for Jake/Cassie fans, not such a great one for Cassie/Adam fans – but it sets up that triangle even more for the following episode so you pick a side and decide who your main man is [laughs].

Insider: Who do you prefer Cassie with?
Britt: I kind of love the idea of destiny and love at first sight. That whole connection you saw with them in the pilot was so great. I’m kind of on Team Adam, but I think Jake brings out a really cool side of Cassie, so from an actor side, I like how dangerous he makes her.

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