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Britt Roberston Says Director drove the raunchy scenes in The Longest Ride

Britt Robertson was amused by how “involved” her The Longest Ride director got during a bull-riding scene.

The 24-year-old actress stars in the upcoming romantic flick as Sophia, a college student who falls in love with a former bull-riding champion called Luke (Scott Eastwood). But their relationship is torn apart when Sophia is offered her dream job in New York and Luke is keen to stay put and rejoin the rodeo circuit.

There are plenty of raunchy scenes throughout, such as one that makes a connection between riding and sex.

“George [Tillman, Jr., director] was pretty adamant about wanting to make the scene where Luke’s teaching me about bull-riding like he was teaching me how to have sex. There were no ifs, ands, or buts about it,” Britt told “He was in that scene with the monitor in his hand, and he was a driving force. ‘Ride that barrel. Ride that barrel!’ He’s a very involved director. There were no secrets about what we were trying to do with that scene.”

Scott joined his co-star for the interview and they both shared tips taken from the bull-riding scenes which may help in the bedroom department. The handsome actor advised going with the flow and setting up a good rhythm, while Britt explained how having more sex scenes has helped boost her confidence in that area.

Scott has often spoken about his approach to love, describing himself as an old-fashioned romantic, so was happy to share his idea of the perfect first date to impress a lady.

“I’d just take her down to the beach, pull a couple of beach chairs out the back of my truck, and sit on the beach, hang out, put some music on. And then if she’s cool, and we got along, I’d say, ‘Let’s go get a sunset drink somewhere.’ And then maybe go dancing after that. To be continued…” he grinned.


5 Fascinating Facts About ‘The Longest Ride’ Star Britt Robertson

Before you watch her in theaters on April 10, here are five fascinating facts to learn about the actress.

She was a child actor.

Robertson shared the experience with Interview magazine, saying it “was pretty typical.” She also shared that she and her mother lived in the Oakland Apartments, which was popular among children actors and their parents. She said she saw Hilary Duff and Frankie Muniz several times at the apartment, but they never forged a friendship.

She loves Emma Thompson.

When asked which actor she hopes to work with in the future, Britt Robertson told She Knows that Emma Thompson is on top of her list and that she would love to be her onscreen daughter.

Her favorite book is “Moneyball.”

Speaking to Teen Vogue, the actress shared, “[The book has given me] a whole new appreciation for baseball and more specifically ‘the underdogs.’ People who do more with little! Solid life lessons!”

She comes from a big family.

The actress described her family to Seventeen magazine as “large and in charge.” She has six younger siblings.

She is an independent girl.

Britt Robertson has lived in L.A. on her own since she was 16. She moved from North Carolina with her grandmother when she was 14 but her grandmother went back to their home state after a year.

She explained how she has been able to cope with that kind of lifestyle to People, saying, “I was able to make a lot of really great friends and I call them my faux family. I’ll spend the night at their houses whenever I get lonely. They’ll cook me dinner and do my laundry if I need them to.”