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‘Keeping Up With the Steins’ screencaptures

Back in 2006, Brittany had a small role in the movie Keeping Up With the Steins. I’ve added screencaptures of her part to the gallery.

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Exclusive HQ ‘Life Unexpected’ stills & promos

I’ve added lots of new and exclusive Life Unexpected goodies to the site today. I don’t fansite tag any photos I post and I really don’t mind if people want to use photos from my site. But if you do choose to post these elsewhere, a credit back to us would be much appreciated. Anyway, MQ stills from two episodes have been replaced with HQ versions. Also added are two HQ stills from episode 1.07, a new cast promo, and several new HQ advertisements.

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“Turtle Undefeated” HD screencaptures

We had a new episode of Life Unexpected last night and I’ve added just over 600 high definition screencaptures to the gallery. I have to say that I am loving this show more and more with each episode. Be sure to tune in for the repeat airing on Wednesday night to show CW that there is interest in it. We want a second season!

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‘Triple Dog’ trailer screencaps

I’ve been looking for a better version of the trailer for Britt’s movie Triple Dog but haven’t been able to find one. Until I do, enjoy the 50+ screencaptures of the version I could find that I’ve added to the gallery.

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It’s a Lux Life…

To celebrate her first starring role on a regular TV series, Britt Robertson did what many 19-year-olds would do: She treated herself with a new car and a new dog.

The car? A shiny Mercedes C300. The dog? A miniature dachshund named Foster.

“His name is a little bit after the show,” Robertson explains during a phone interview about her CW dramedy Life Unexpected (tonight, 9 ET/PT). The moniker is an homage — in addition to her favorite dessert, bananas foster — to her role as Lux, a 15-year-old foster child who has been shuffled through the system since being given up at birth by her teenage mother.

Originally an effort to gain emancipation as a minor, Lux’s attempt to navigate the legal system finds her reunited with her birth parents, who are granted temporary custody. A twist comes in the form of a love relationship between Cate, her recently engaged birth mother, and Nate, her birth father, who didn’t know he had a daughter. The two haven’t seen each other since high school.

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‘CSI’ DVD screencaptures

I’ve added over 130 DVD quality screencaptures of Brittany in a 2007 episode of CSI. It’s a small role but she is phenomenal in it. And once again, she’s brunette! The screencaps do contain some major spoilers so I recommend not viewing them if you haven’t seen the episode already.

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