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Life Unexpected Behind the Scenes & Wrap Party

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Appearances: 2010: [November 20] Life Unexpected Season Two Wrap Party
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Interview: None of Us Are Giving Up

“Life Unexpected” fans were dealt a disappointing (but not entirely unexpected) blow when The CW confirmed that they would not be ordering a full season of the sophomore series.

Though the network won’t say that the series is officially canceled, an eleventh-hour reprieve is unlikely. Even star Shiri Appleby posted the following disheartening message on her Facebook:

“I hate to bring the bad news but our little show is coming to an end. The cast, crew, and I thank you for all your support these past two years. It’s been a little slice of heaven!”

If you’re feeling glum, you’re not alone When Zap2it caught up with Britt Robertson, she admitted that the cast and crew have been a bit down. “Yes, there’s a melancholy vibe in the back of our heads, because we wish we were doing the back nine,” she says. “We love this show, we love the job and the characters.”

Don’t worry, though. Robertson assures us that everyone involved is going to see this thing through to the very end. “[Creator Liz Tigelaar] has done an amazing job wrapping up the season, so it’s kept us all very excited,” she says.

“It’s funny, because I got an email from her last Thursday after Shiri and I did a scene together, and she was just so appreciative of the fact that we’re all still putting our best foot forward and none of us have given up. She’s so happy with the dailies, and with our attitudes, and the fact that we’re gonna keep on keepin’ on, as difficult as it may be. There’s always hope that if we keep doing our best and putting our best work out there that things will take a turn for the better. None of us have checked out of this yet.”

There’s still plenty to look forward to in the remaining episodes, so you definitely don’t want to delete your season pass. Last week, we saw Tasha make some serious sacrifices to help keep Lux’s relationship with Mr. Daniels a secret. Robertson says that Lux and Tasha’s relationship isn’t in any danger, though.

“They’re each other’s beginning. Tasha’s the one person in Lux’s life that I think she really, really, completely trusts. She’s been Lux’s family since she was seven years old,” says Robertson. “You’ll see in the next episode that their relationship continues to grow. Despite all of their mistakes, they’ll always be there for each other.”

Lux’s relationship with Mr. Daniels has been a controversial one this season, but according to Robertson, it all makes sense for Lux. “She can relate more to someone who is older. She’s sort of clinging on to that. The more they spend time together the more she realizes how much she actually cares about this guy, despite how wrong it is,” she says.

Jones, Lux’s friend from school, is also still around. Though right now he’s preoccupied with Tasha, don’t write him off as a potential match for Lux just yet.

“He’s the guy that she actually is meant to be with,” Robertson admits, “but because of Lux’s circumstances and everything that she’s been through, she doesn’t feel like she deserves him. She thinks he’s too good for her, almost. Too normal for her. He will always be an option, in the future, but it’s not in her mindset right now to go there.”

As the series draws to its likely conclusion, we asked Robertson to take a look back and tell us which moments with Lux stood out as her favorites.

“Some of the scenes that stand out most to me were the ones that really showed growth,” she says. “That’s what it’s all about for me, as an actor. There was that episode in Season 1 where they go to therapy and Lux finally lets is all out. The scenes where all the characters grow up a little bit.”

Lux still has a lot of growing up to do before the series ends. “One of those moments happens in Episode 11 this season,” Robertson teases, “where Lux sort of reveals something from her past that lets her move forward in her new life. Those moments are really interesting from an acting standpoint.”